Taking one’s place in society

It has to be said that it nice to feel appreciated, to feel that one’s art is at last accepted and one’s genius is valued.

Thus it was with a feeling of genuine pride that I noticed how well Lambent Dreams was doing. Apparently, (and I have this on good authority,) on the Amazon chart for free poetry, I took fourth place, coming behind Homer, Aristotle and Edgar Allan Poe.

I have taken an opportunity to familiarise myself with their work and I will grant that they are indeed men of stature. Indeed it does appear I have somehow been bracketed with towering genius.

Still it gives me cause to hope. After all, whatever one says about that trinity of versifying, it must be confessed that their best days are behind them and they have published little new for some time.

On the other hand I hope to build on my current success and to strive to be worthy of the greatness I appear to have inadvertently made manifest.

I now ponder my next step. Obviously I have a few poor jottings set by, what poet doesn’t? But perhaps I should embark on an extended speaking tour, reading my verse to a delighted audience.

To be fair, when this has been tried in the bars and taverns of Port Naain the reaction of the patrons has been such as to deter repetition of the experiment, but it may be a more cultured clientele can be hoped for elsewhere.

I find performing at salons can also be a stimulating experience, as shown below. Note in this case a lady admirer insisted on reading my poems for me. (Accompanied at times by a gentleman on the piano. He was dissuaded from using his favoured instrument, the crum horn, by popular appeal) This is to be encouraged, not only will the lady command a more attentive audience, but they are less likely to be the victim of a physical assault, and when it comes to dealing with hecklers I find they have a better command of invective.


Still, if perchance you have not acquired a copy of Lambent Dreams, click below


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