A charitable gesture

  It is at this point I wish to bring before you a good friend of mine, one Tamas Berfett. Tamas is a man of many parts, a successful merchant, a minor poet of modest competence willing to accept criticism, a husband and father of a brood of doubtless delightful children. He is also a … More A charitable gesture

‘That Dress’

It was only by chance that I was present at the Ball when the daughters of the House Senton were introduced to society. House Senton is a family of the old aristocracy, they were here before Port Naain was built, and they do things differently, please themselves, and largely care little about what the city … More ‘That Dress’

The Daughters of Joy

Many of my colleagues are prone to being a touch sanctimonious. “We are Artists”, they say, contriving somehow to give the word artists a capital ‘A’ and hinting that it should be written in italic as well. Me, I just write poetry and endeavour to make a living so doing. I remember one evening I … More The Daughters of Joy