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Cover Tomb-Yard Follies

There are times in a person’s life which combine pride and mild distaste. One example might be when your toddler makes their uncertain way toward you, displaying the potty that they have managed to fill without external prompting.

There is the pride in their growing maturity, the hope that baring minor accidents a page has been turned; and the feeling that this perhaps isn’t necessarily the entertainment your dinner guests were expecting.

So it is that I approach the task of reviewing this book with mixed feelings. It has to be said that I do not review many books. For reasons I have never entirely understood, it is not a task I am often asked to perform. But still when I am called upon to shoulder the burden, I manfully rise to perform my duty.

In this case we have a work called ‘Tomb-yard Follies’.


It purports to be the third in a series of investigations carried out by young Benor Dorfinngil when he was in Port Naain, and I confess to remembering the incident well. It is nice to think that my wisdom and the efforts of my lady wife Shena do at least win honourable mention. Still I feel there are several oversights. For example during this period I was very busy working on the Gardol Entertainment. Is this mentioned? I searched the story twice but, no, somehow it has been overlooked. Similarly I penned a rather witty epigram to sum the adventure up, but that is also missing. What, I ask myself, is the author playing at.


The blurb, such as it is, states;-

“Mapping an old family graveyard was a technically complicated job Benor expected would take him some time. But then he hadn’t allowed for getting caught up in a world of intrigue, vengeance, and arbitrary justice…”


So there you have it. You can pick the story up and read it without ever having ready any of the previous stories. You don’t need to know anything about my own previous body of work, if only because he somehow manages to overlook my work entirely.


Yet I feel he could have made the effort. As it is, in the interests of telling an exciting adventure story, he’s missed a golden opportunity to cast a fascinating light on the Port Naain literary scene. Oh I know it’ll appeal to those who love mystery and adventure and suchlike, but still, I feel he could have tried.

Oh and it has been pointed out by some that he spends an inordinate amount of time climbing in and out of bedroom windows, but at least in this case it was for the greater good


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