A Bad Penny

I confess to a degree of disappointment. I had hoped that by dint of natural charm, long experience, literary genius and, it has to be admitted, a degree of cunning, I would have Jim Webster’s short work ‘A Bad Penny’ soaring through the best seller charts by now. I confess as wondering why Jim took … More A Bad Penny

Learning from others

Initially I approached this task of pimping Jim Webster’s story ‘A Bad Penny’ with considerable enthusiasm. After all how difficult could it be? But I soon realised that even though I was resolute and unwavering I needed inspiration. Who should I look to?Now it transpires that some years ago Halan Gran, the greatest literary mind … More Learning from others

For the sake of art (The origin of the scary clown)

  As you well know I’ve always been sympathetic to the lesser arts. Over the years I’ve helped provide employment for musicians, sculptors and even novelists! Indeed if I can find one, I’ve even been known to introduce Mime Artists into the soirees that I run. Given the audiences I work with, my favourite piece … More For the sake of art (The origin of the scary clown)