Port Naain by starlight

Madam Alena was, at the time, my oldest patron. A petite slender lady with short cropped white hair; she would from time to time summon me to her home to entertain a group of her acquaintances These were never events of great formality, more gatherings of friends who’d grown old together and knew each other … More Port Naain by starlight

The Port Naain Philosophical and Debating Society for Ladies of wit and discernment.

As a less poetically inclined gentleman once commented, ‘My memoirs are not my confessions.’ These are sentiments I feel a certain kinship with, the duty of a poet is to draw attention towards that which is worthwhile, not to rub the listeners nose in a squalid reality that they are all too aware of. Indeed … More The Port Naain Philosophical and Debating Society for Ladies of wit and discernment.

A bitter confession?

I have always held that it is the main duty of an artist to ensure that he is paid for his services. After all, entertain your patrons for free and they will chatter as you declaim your finest work. But if you extract silver from their tightly clenched palms, then they will sit in utter … More A bitter confession?

Amateur dramatics

The turn of the year always brings memories. You think back across the years and remember the people who are no longer with us. For me the end of the year is largely focussed around the Society of Minor Poets. Now you might wonder why I, the leading poet of my generation, belong to the … More Amateur dramatics

An evening out

Have you noticed that whilst we might have petty thieves, lesser nobility and minor poets, you never get a lesser demonologist? It seems that demonology isn’t so much a path you saunter down as a precipice you plunge off. One moment you’re a moderately respected scholar, the next you’re a stooped and shuffling figure with … More An evening out

The Modern Woman

You know it is time to worry about the state of the world when somebody assures you, with considerable vehemence that, “Your trouble, Tallis Steelyard, is that you are not in touch with the Modern Woman.” Had it been a lady who had been leaning over me in the saloon bar of the Vagabond’s Purse … More The Modern Woman