A bitter confession?


I have always held that it is the main duty of an artist to ensure that he is paid for his services. After all, entertain your patrons for free and they will chatter as you declaim your finest work. But if you extract silver from their tightly clenched palms, then they will sit in utter silence, afraid that a dreg’s worth of art should somehow evade them.

It is one of the things I feel strongly about, an ideal I have built my life around. And now this Webster chap wanders casually along with a pile of documents and says, “Tallis old chap, just give them away.”

He’s mad, stark mad,


Still lest it be a dangerous madness I will comply. It seems that he has some bizarre idea that if you read this one short story, ‘A Nice Devotion’, then you will immediately hasten out and purchase the others. I hope you see what I mean about his madness?
It has to be said that the other stories are three times the length of the one he wishes to give away free, and are almost infinitely superior in that I feature more largely within them, thus enabling the gentle reader to absorb something of Port Naain Literary culture.


Still, if you wish to download the pdf, click on this link here



Of you want it in .epub, .mobi and pdf format then click here




A Nice Devotion


A tale of murder, theft, adultery and animal husbandry in which our hero is forced to bring a guilty man to justice or face the threat of matrimony.


And the six stories he pathetically expects you to rush out and buy, so enamoured are you with the one you have got for nothing??






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