What am I bid?

There are auctioneers and then there are auctioneers. Even as I wrote that sentence I realised it didn’t make a great deal of sense. What I’m trying to say is that you have some auctioneers who know their trade, work at it for years picking up the tricks and slowly building up a following. I … More What am I bid?

Music and decorum

I mentioned some little time ago that I have an interesting account to how I came to be friends with Sneal the Peddler. Somebody has asked me about this story, I assume the rest just expect me to tell it in my own good time whether they ask me to or not. To be fair, … More Music and decorum

A minor poet

It was Chris Graham who reminded me, jogging my memory when he sent me the old picture. There the man was, metaphorically at least, staring out of the paper. Mord Filch. I suspect that in his day he was one of the most respected doctors in Port Naain. He had a flourishing practice, his cupping … More A minor poet