Difficult colleagues – Guest Post by Tallis Steelyard…

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We are always advised not to work with children and animals. Frankly I have never experienced difficulties in this regard. Working with children is easy. In my experience they are far more focused and mercenary than any adult I’ve worked with. One merely has to step back a little, let your junior colleague work their magic with the audience, and then step forward again to assist with the business of collecting the money.

Working with animals is something I’ve rarely done, and to be fair on the first occasion I did it, it went far better than could be expected. This was the time when I worked with a great red forest ape. These creatures, who apparently frequent the forests of the Muldrean on the far side of the Aphices Mountains, are rarely encountered in polite society in Port Naain.

My encounter came about because of Gumption Silvernant, miser, Sinecurist…

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