Who is Tallis Steelyard?

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Today we welcome Tallis Steelyard to our blog. He has kindly come along with another of his lovely stories.


This image is a painting by the great Frank Frazetta, an artist my son adores and tries to emulate, and suits the story very well.

Over to you, Tallis!

Officers and gentlemen?

In a world of bitterness and evil where gross unpleasantness is rife, it is good to talk occasionally about the decent people one meets. Thus Iโ€™d like to draw your attention to a couple of my patrons. Now anyone would think that all my patrons are ladies, and to be fair a considerable majority of them are. But there are still gentlemen who feel the finer arts are worthy of support.
Two of them, Sir Stee and Sir Regald, lived together in a pleasant enough house on the edge of Dilbrook. They lived alone save for their
cook/housekeeper Soliaโ€ฆ

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4 thoughts on “Who is Tallis Steelyard?

  1. A family that works together, plays together, retires together, is a family who has great taste in poets with blue ink on their bare bottoms. Hey I just thought of something. Good thing he was hung upside down, because ink tends to run into the cracks and flow to the lowest points. And with the ink being blue, well it could give a new meaning to the phrase “blue balls”. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the story as always. Hugs

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