And occasionally, something new?

Tallis Steelyard and the Monster of Bell-Wether Gardens
Never let it be said that Tallis Steelyard is one of those ‘artists’ who sits sighing in his garret, bewailing his fate and wondering why his literary endeavours appear to be shunned by the multitudes.

No, as becomes the leading poet of his generation, the wilful whims of fate will be set firmly aside. Let others moan and weep, let them waste their time in sorrowful ululation.

A new work is to be published. Literature is to be advanced, envelopes are to be pushed, silos will be broken down and paradigms will be shifted. At last, after seemingly endless preparations, publication of, ‘Tallis Steelyard. The Monster of Bell-Wether Gardens and other stories’, is imminent.

Tallis, being something of a traditionalist at heart, has decided that he will launch this new book with a blog tour. Already numerous anecdotes have been jotted down; tales are being prepared even as I write.

I have been asked if any of our gentle readers would like their blog included in the tour. The procedure is simple, Tallis provides you with one of his stories for you to publish in your blog, in this case at some point around the 1st of October. Tagged onto the end of the anecdote will be a few details about the forthcoming book. When the story is published on your blog, I’ll reblog it here. Hence folk will know to rush to your site to read the story in full, and hopefully they’ll become entranced in the other articles on your blog.

Not too entranced through, after all, they’d be mortified if they realised that they’d been so lost in wonder at the excellence of your blog’s contents that they entirely forgot to purchase a copy of Tallis’s book while they had the chance. Between ourselves I must confess to feeling duty bound to spare our readers too much mortification.

Thus and so, have we any volunteers?


Now available for a discerning clientele


As a reviewer commented, “Poetry in motion – practical hints for the hopeful scribbler from a master of the art. The trials and tribulations of the professional poet described with wit and wisdom. Loved it.”

28 thoughts on “And occasionally, something new?

      1. Oh goodie! I’m eager to see what you come up with. Mental illness and neurological disorders have been featured in a great many films, and the characteristics appear in the behavior of a great many characters in novels (without *naming* them as such). Mrs. Malaprop, anyone?

        I met someone at an ADD conference who was working on a novel about a time far in the future when the ADDers had been relocated to their own planet. Her protagonist had somehow fallen in love with a man who did NOT have ADD, and was traveling home to tell her parents the “bad” news. 🙂 (Stigma was still alive and well in her view of the future) I’ve never seen it in print, however. ::sigh:: that ole follow-thru struggle!


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