If a tree falls and… Guest Post by Tallis Steelyard

The seventh, belated installment of the tour! It ill becomes me to complain, but working with poets, technology and timetables across multiple continents is not for those with a weak heart. The current hiatus was caused largely when the computer, obviously channeling some rogue poetic spirit , ceased to function, leaving me languishing in the early 1980s. Technology has now, after a fashion, triumphed and the journey continues!

Musings on Life & Experience

If a tree falls and you cannot hear it for the noise of the machinery, did it happen?

The problem with working in some small towns is that if you kick one of the inhabitants, they all limp! Thus and so you have to be very careful because at times half the town seems to be related to the other half; but there again half the town appears to be in a state of feud with the other half.

I mention this in passing because it seems vaguely relevant to any honest account of my time at Lannan Crossroads. This small town is where the roads from Muckleport and Mughole meet the Port Naain to Stone Harbour and Sweethaven road. I walked into the Crossroads Hotel early in the evening, looking for a meal and a bed, and ideally the work that would enable me to pay for them. Theā€¦

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