We all were young once.

That at least was my excuse. I was a poet, but a very young poet. I had few patrons and those I had I tended to cherish because they were all that stood between me and starving in a gutter. Thus I suppose I allowed them greater liberties that I would now. Hence I was … More We all were young once.

Has he no shame?

I am sure I’ve never mentioned Alatan Zore. He is, of all things, an essayist! If you find poets self absorbed and insufferable, trust me in this, essayists are worse. It is also entirely impossible to make a living purely from writing essays. Thus your essayist who wishes to avoid destitution, starvation and even honest … More Has he no shame?

Riding in Style

People have asked me why nobody takes a horse and cart down onto the mud of the estuary so that they can recover things more easily. It has been done, but what with the quick-sands and the problems you would have getting a cart across various of the channels, it’s not commonly done. I have … More Riding in Style

The Dancing Master

People do make a habit of surprising you. They cheerfully climb out of the neat little boxes you put them in and persist in doing things you’d never expect. Take, for example, the great mercenary captain, Pardo Fuen. His name was used in Partaan by mothers to silence querulous children. His sacking of Maladan Keep … More The Dancing Master