Snail wrestling!

Just to comment that since publication this story has won an award!   So back on with our tale!   Port Naain is a city which has a secret craving for novelty. Whilst it will often strike outsiders as a distinctly priggish place, those of us who have lived here all our lives know better. … More Snail wrestling!

The Luck of Bedag Keep

shared from   Because I taught at least once a week at her Conservatory I feel I got to know Madam Jeen Snellflort reasonably well. I also got to know her ‘gentleman adventurers.’ I confess that out of all the adventurers who served Madam Jeen, I think Rizal Qualan was the best. It was he … More The Luck of Bedag Keep

The Clockwork automaton of Thannial Jett

(shared from   It has always been assumed that I share the fashionable contempt for mime artists. Frankly I don’t. Indeed I’ve worked with them and once they can bring themselves to get over the ‘trapped in an invisible box’ routine, they can be useful partners. Look at their advantages. Unlike musicians and others I … More The Clockwork automaton of Thannial Jett

The Picture of Unter Judd – Tallis Steelyard Sedan Chair Caper Book Tour

Originally posted on Annette Rochelle Aben:
The Picture of Unter Judd Madam Jeen Snellflort’s gentlemen adventurers set themselves high standards. They understood that any wandering thug with a big stick could steal something. For them, the mark of a gentleman adventurer was that nobody could pin the crime on them. One of them, Bagwis, decided…

Our Review of Tallis Steelyard and the Sedan Chair Caper by Jim Webster @JimWebster6

Originally posted on Words on Paper:
Today, we are hosting Jim Webster’s Book Tour, to spread the word about his newest story, Tallis Steelyard and the Sedan Chair Caper. All of Jim’s stories are excellent reads, and this one is is absolutely hilarious and we urge everyone to read it. Not enough laughter in the…

Deep waters

As you know, I shun controversy and do my best to live a quiet life. But I feel that I must take a stand over a painting by my good friend Housewater. I was not merely there when it happened; I actually appear on the painting and thus feel somewhat insulted by the brouhaha which … More Deep waters