A Grand Announcement!

Hainsselin, Henry, 1815-1886; Last Town Crier of Devonport

In the interests of promoting literary excellence it has been decided to hold a competition.

Between ourselves I’m not entirely sure how this came about, but still it seems an excellent idea, no matter who thought it up.

On March 3rd I published the blog post, ‘The Estuary Road’




Those who read the story commented that whilst Tallis had come up with two different solutions to the mystery of the disappearing tower, they felt that there were other possible solutions.

Given the number of excellent writers who tend to read my poor tales, it is entirely possible that they can look at the evidence Tallis discovered and explain to us what really happened.


So I place in front of you a challenge. Read the story ’The Estuary Road.’ Weigh the evidence and produce your own reason for the disappearance of the Vilingsthorne tower.

What you must remember is that this happened about a thousand years ago, and at that time Port Naain had reached a level of technology similar to 15th century Europe. Hence explosives, whilst not ruled out, are more likely to spread the tower around the city than they are to make it disappear completely.

Still the city has always had its mages, some of whom even achieve a modicum of respectability.

Or perhaps it was natural causes?


So ponder deeply, and then send your solution to the problem, be it a paragraph or somewhat more, to me at




There it shall be judged by a team of experts hurriedly being assembled.


The winner will receive a physical copy of the celebrated poetical work, ‘Lambent Dreams’.

I was going to say a ‘hard copy’ but it has been pointed out that in reality it’s soft bound, hand stitched, and therefore a little limp. But I will post it to the winner.

Depending on how many entries there all, all the entries, or a selection of the entries, will be posted in the blog for the edification of the masses.

Please send your entries by the end of March 2018

21 thoughts on “A Grand Announcement!

    1. So all those who’ve seen this on Sue’s Daily Echo, hop across, read the Estuary Road and have a go at the competition
      It’s a bit of fun, the prize isn’t going to put anybody’s amateur status at risk 🙂


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