The unusual dilemma of Penaloe Shortwheel.

It isn’t often that Tallis Steelyard, the leading poet of his generation, is summoned to assist a maiden in distress. This, I would hasten to add, is not due any lack of chivalric feeling on my part, but frankly as a poet I am not the obvious choice when a lady wants a champion in … More The unusual dilemma of Penaloe Shortwheel.

A horse, a horse

People may find it strange that I, as a poet, am about to write about becoming wealthy. After all, I can imagine people sneering and making comments along the lines of, “What would a poet know of honest toil and commercial gain?” This merely shows how short-sighted and ignorant they are. I am a poet! … More A horse, a horse

Come to grief.

It was perhaps ten years ago now. I can remember Ansi Cornwallah working on Stonecutter Wharf. He was a nice young fellow, originally from somewhere near Prae Ducis in Partann. He’d lived in Port Naain for about a decade. He’d fitted in well and felt at home here. Indeed he had married a local girl … More Come to grief.