Watch where you put your feet

A wise man avoids encounters with the law. Whatever your budget, it’s still more than you can afford. Not only that but once entangled with lawyers, you place yourself at the mercy of their wit, or even more unnerving, their sense of what is proper. If they feel your case is without merit, you will … More Watch where you put your feet

Twinkle toes

Port Naain has a vast array of dance styles. Some are danced by couples, some are danced only by women and some are danced only by men. There are peasant dances, sailor’s dances and in Port Naain at least, ordinary working men will sometimes dance ‘boot dances.’ In these men wear their heaviest working boots … More Twinkle toes


  I freely admit that I am not in any position to either criticise or praise Gastan Leftboot. Still I feel entitled to state firmly that I feel he ought to have exercised more caution. A wise man thinks long and hard before prescribing an evacuant and even longer before concocting one. Still he is … More Regular

The clerk of works

There are people of impeccable good taste whose houses are symphonies of elegance and charm. Yet how many cases can you cite where the house is testimony to the good taste of a third party who has created a masterpiece in spite of those who dwell therein? It’s at this point that I’d perhaps mention … More The clerk of works