A full head of steam

You might wonder why I bring the clunking, hissing, stinking power of steam into this work   A symphony in brass Spinning and whirring An unwanted trespass Our senses blurring At the roar of the steam Our intentions adeem Lost in the engineers dream.   But still there is a majesty and a power in … More A full head of steam

The importance of always being fashionably attired

. Mistress Messia Theldit was always known as ‘the young mistress.’ This is because her mother and grandmother had also been given the name Messia. So to avoid confusion, grandmother is referred to as ‘the Lady Messia.’ Her daughter seems to have won temporary custody of the communal name and she is referred to as … More The importance of always being fashionably attired

Say it with flowers

I recently received a missive from a lady from distant parts, one Clarow the Bandit Queen or somesuch title. She asked whether Port Naain knows much of the language of flowers. Alas I am almost too embarrassed to reply. Yes our city does indeed have something that pretends to this high estate but frankly, when … More Say it with flowers

A token of affection

And now this story is award-winning! As you might imagine, there are occasions when I can spend a fair bit of time kicking my heels in kitchens or other waiting areas. If I’m acting as Master of Ceremonies for a patron (whether my role is granted a formal title or not,) this enforced idleness isn’t … More A token of affection

Moving to the music

Thela Drane was very much the baby of the family. This can often mean the child is particularly spoiled and cosseted. In the case of the Drane family it has to be admitted that Taffetia had never been the most domineering mother. As her older children seemed to get on perfectly well without their mother … More Moving to the music

A touch more colour

  Today we are at the blog of Sue Vincent. Belique Drane is a natural artist. As a child she’d used a burnt stick to draw on the white painted walls of the parlour. Her mother, Taffetia, had been entirely unimpressed. Still as Belique grew older she allowed her artistic energies to be channelled to … More A touch more colour

Equine Entanglements

And today our tour takes us to the blog of  RIVRVLOGR Adrasa Drane was remarkable, even amongst her siblings, for her fascination with horses and her total lack of fear. Even as a toddler she would walk under the great dray horses and stroke their legs. Thus it was inevitable that as she grew older she … More Equine Entanglements

The Tenant

And today we’re at the blog MUSINGS ON LIFE & EXPERIENCE Garrat Stilforth Drane was very much the odd one out amongst the Drane siblings. Whilst the others might have pursued unusual careers, Stilforth (or ‘Young Garrat’ as his mother occasionally called him when his father had in someway irritated her) appeared to have a … More The Tenant

Do you want crispy honey roasted grubs with that?

And today we’re inspired by Robbie’s inspiration   Shardee Golumbine Drane was the second son of Taffetia and Garrant Drane. Whilst he was still little more than a child it was realised that young Shardee was gifted when it came to cooking. Now had his parents been people of wealth and influence, their better natures would have prevailed … More Do you want crispy honey roasted grubs with that?