Do you want crispy honey roasted grubs with that?

And today we’re inspired by Robbie’s inspiration


6) Do you want crispy honey roasted grubs with thatShardee Golumbine Drane was the second son of Taffetia and Garrant Drane. Whilst he was still little more than a child it was realised that young Shardee was gifted when it came to cooking. Now had his parents been people of wealth and influence, their better natures would have prevailed and young Shardee would have entered the professions. As it was money was short and their errant son was hastily put into service to learn his trade.By the time he was in his late teens he was respected even by cooks a generation older than him. Thus on his twentieth birthday he was greeted by an assembly of the leading members of his craft who recognised him as a Master of the art. Finally by the time he was twenty-five he had been stolen away from various employers seven times. Each time his perquisites and honoraria had grown until now he earned more than many a young lawyer and lived in a detached house in the grounds of his employer’s mansion.

It was at this point that his career went briefly downhill. His employer, a leading usurer, entertained a client and his wife from Partann. Unbeknown to Shardee the client’s wife coveted him for his noodles. He thought nothing of it until in the early hours of the morning he was awakened by rough hands gagging him and trussing him up like a fowl ready for the oven. It was at that point he discovered that when a Partannese brigand steals your cook, the cook is, literally, stolen.

Bound and gagged he travelled south in a covered wagon, and was finally released into the frankly pedestrian kitchen of a southern keep. At least he was better off than his predecessor. This unfortunate had been kept in post with golden handcuffs. Or at least gold plated handcuffs; and even gold plated leg irons.


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