Only Themselves to Blame –

Our blog tour continues, lingering for a short while in the delightful bucolic surroundings of Annette Rochelle Aben  Charlon Drane is the eldest son of Garrat and Taffetia Drane. This often comes as a surprise to those writers and poets who consider that his arrival in this world was due to him being summoned, like a particularly … More Only Themselves to Blame –

Amazing what you learn as you grow older.

Meirdre, the oldest daughter of Garrat and Taffetia Drane was, by common agreement, a precocious child. After all, at the age of six, she was a full partner in ‘Peepers and Narks’, investigators of choice to the leading Port Naain legal partnership of Thallawell, Thallawell, and Thallawell. Now, this might have been regarded by most … More Amazing what you learn as you grow older.