An Appropriate Boy

And today, we’re with RIVRVLOGR Benor felt that his first task was to find Garrent Woolmin and his academy. This was comparatively easily done. Tallis asked round his various patrons and a number of them had had family pass through its hallowed halls. Apparently the Woolmin Academy was a large house in Dilbrook, standing in … More An Appropriate Boy

Delicate work

And now we’re with Ritu. A casual observer might have assumed that Benor Dorfinngil was in a good mood. He had a spring in his step and might even be whistling a merry tune. There was good reason for his high spirits. Things were going rather well. He had funds. Admittedly he’d ended up giving … More Delicate work

The ethical choice

And today we’re with Anita and Jaye   Shena served out the meal Tallis had prepared and started eating. She was becoming aware that they were sitting in total silence. Benor glared gloomily at his food, (although it didn’t stop him from eating with a reasonable appetite). Mutt was obviously deep in planning some dark … More The ethical choice

Something fishy

And today we’re with Robbie     Benor paid the bill for the coffee. As he and Mutt walked out of Ninno’s he  glanced down at Mutt. “Now I need somebody who can pick pockets.” “Not ‘ard to find.” “But really good, because they’ll have to be able to put something back again.” Mutt stopped. “What you … More Something fishy

Consummate artistry

The story continues, now we’re with There are times when a chap finally begins to feel put-upon. Benor rolled the ten alar piece across the table from his left hand to his right, and then back again. He watched the light glinting on the gold coin. “Benor, stop it.” Shena’s voice cut through his … More Consummate artistry

Occasionally one has to do the right thing.

The tale continues, today we’re with Colleen Benor woke up one morning feeling vaguely guilty. He mentally ran through the past few days to see if there was anything that could legitimately be a source of guilt, or perhaps he’d forgotten to worry about a father or husband seeking vengeance but could think of nothing. Then he realised … More Occasionally one has to do the right thing.

Just one more glass

And now from Willow’s page at   we have the next episode Benor had gone from kicking his heels wondering what to do for work, to being remarkably busy. Whilst Gumption Silvernant might be paying the guild rates, he expected to see a return for his money. To compound the problem, the miser had properties … More Just one more glass

The Miser and The Demon

The story continues on Benor was walking down Slip Pike Lane at a steady pace. Anybody watching him might have noted that his stride was precise, each step exactly the same length as the last. Somebody particularly observant might have noticed that every ten paces, Benor made a mark on a piece of paper with an indelible pencil. … More The Miser and The Demon

The eyes have it!

The story continues, yesterday with the Story Reading Ape, today with Stevie Turner. It was early evening and Benor was dozing quietly. Technically he was reading but his eyes had closed in spite of his best efforts. He was awakened by a rapping on the door of the barge. Shena, sitting nearest, opened it to … More The eyes have it!