For the want of a Knight – Guest Post by, Jim Webster…

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Benor glared at his wine glass. Tallis was talking, and Benor was ignoring him and thinking about something entirely different. This wasn’t a problem, Tallis merely needed an audience and Benor just wanted to mope. He was a fully qualified cartographer, trying to produce a guide to the…

Time for Romance

I find that some people end up taking what life offers and just make the best of it. Others, realising that they have been mugged by life, grab it firmly by the throat, slam it up against a wall and go through its pockets as a way of making sure they get their fair share. … More Time for Romance


I have indeed been nominated. This isn’t something that happens particularly often in the career of a jobbing poet. Obviously we draw a veil over the sad incident involving the Landlord of the Raging Bull. The magistrate was most supportive. He accepted my defence that I had left without paying for the wine, purely because … More Nominated?

A better mousetrap

This is one of those stories where I saw the end, but I wasn’t there for the beginning. Thus it is entirely possible that this poor tale doesn’t meet my usual high standards of artistic verisimilitude. A fact for which I can only apologise. It concerns the antics of a lady called Analyn. She was … More A better mousetrap