How much does the truth cost?

Every so often the right thing eventually happens. Sometimes artists are even involved. Thus it was when Furan Toothwhite wrote his book. Now Furan is a novelist. By definition a practitioner of an intensely solitary occupation, Furan still managed to somehow acquire a wife, and between them they produced two children. Thus showing, I suppose, … More How much does the truth cost?

Is it a bird?

    Occasionally it happens that somebody is so desperate that they throw common sense to the winds and attempt extravagantly eccentric things. I have never tried to quantify matters but I suspect that there is a point at which the rational mind admits defeat and stands back to allow outlandish stupidity a chance. If … More Is it a bird?


The story continues and we find ourselves with the celebrated M T McGuire.   Tallis, with a tight grip on the hand of Young Vortac, ran down the alley, frantically trying to think of a safe destination. He glanced over his shoulder, realised the pursuers were temporarily out of sight, and dived down a side … More Embarrassing