It’s not who you know, it’s what you know.

I realise that it might not be a fashionable view. Indeed I know some people who would disagree vehemently with me on this. They will boast of their wide circle of acquaintance, and the fact that should they want a decision making in their favour in high places, they merely have to drop a hint … More It’s not who you know, it’s what you know.

Thoroughly married

There are many things about Port Naain which are not obvious to the outsider and which we perhaps don’t talk about. It wasn’t until a stranger to the city asked me about the large iron-hulled steamers that tie up at the deep water berths that it even occurred to me to mention them. It’s because … More Thoroughly married

The alternative career of Dilkerton Thallawell.

Dilkerton was a member of the great Thallawell legal family. To be fair his life was comparatively conventional, if only because he was somebody who instinctively tried to conform. So he went into the family legal practice, married a nice young lady and they had two delightful daughters. So whilst he worked hard, he made … More The alternative career of Dilkerton Thallawell.

Performance art

I realise I might occasionally have been disparaging about performance art and street theatre. It’s nothing personal. Admittedly I feel that some performance artists ought to realise that merely standing on one leg shouting your verses into a howling gale doesn’t make them better verses. Similarly, with street theatre; it still works better if you’ve … More Performance art


I have often said I would never accept a position with the old aristocracy. It is not that they don’t pay. It isn’t even as if they don’t value poetry. After all many of them are perfectly accomplished in the older forms. It’s just that they are not content to let you be a poet, … More Oblige


Far be it from me to mock musicians. After all, some of them are competent, accomplished, excellent company and masters of their art. Indeed I would swear to this in a court of law, because I’ve worked with all three of them. Of the others that I have worked with, there are still some whom … More Noteworthy