Knowing your enemy

When I was comparatively young and undoubtedly more innocent that I am now, I remember being present at an affair hosted by the ‘Port Naain Society of anonymous lady philanthropists’. The society is an interesting one. The idea was that one of the ladies would hold a dance, a soiree or some other event at … More Knowing your enemy

Justice Of A Sort

It was perhaps a month after I’d arrived back from Slipshade and the whole episode should have faded from mind. As it was, it seemed determined to haunt me, like some over-spiced meal eaten too late in the evening. So, for example, one evening I was at the Misanthropes. I hadn’t actually dined. In fact … More Justice Of A Sort

And home again?

  In due course, Balstep finished his performance. To be fair to him, he didn’t go on for too long, and he had enough decent material, so I felt it was a creditable performance. So to the tumultuous applause of his minions he climbed down to join them in the audience. I moved once more … More And home again?

Sound familiar?

As Maljie or any other temple warden will tell you, their duties are many, varied and onerous. Thus when Maljie was indisposed, (whether through illness, enforced penitential spirituality or some other quixotic entanglement, the burden tended to fall upon the shoulders of Laxey, the sub-Hierodeacon. Whilst the Shrine of Aea in her Aspect as the … More Sound familiar?

Working the crowd

As I walked down to the town of Slipslade I pondered events. Whilst I dislike jumping to conclusions it struck me that Malinflua was obviously responsible for the missing gems, and my inspired guess was that she’d somehow passed them to Flobbard. Given his abilities I couldn’t imagine him having any difficulty swallowing them. When we arrived at the … More Working the crowd

A Licence to Perform

I confess that morning, as I breakfasted on the steam packet, the Unrivaled, I awaited the rising tide with growing trepidation. Nonetheless, from my position aft of the funnel, I could see no suspiciously casual groups of overly muscled men moving in our direction. Indeed all our party arrived on time, boarded and we cast … More A Licence to Perform