Charming child.

It has to be said that there is very little new under the sun. (Save of course for my work, never let it be said that I am derivative. Obviously there are many happy to follow in the rut left by better men, but for me, I seek always to push against the boundaries of … More Charming child.


It has to be said that one of my more regular tasks is the entertaining of convalescents. After all, when you think about it, whereas a lady is normally busy, with many tasks and obligations, when illness claims her, she has to lay all that by. But then, if she is wise, even when she … More Convalescence.

A modest proposal

Garstang Shearwater was a freelance. By this I mean that whilst he was a man-at-arms, he wasn’t under contract to any of the great condottieri. He owned his own horse and arms, and signed his own contract with an employer. To be honest there aren’t many genuine freelances. A lot are actually jobbing brigands who … More A modest proposal