Lightly edited.

I would not have it said that Morpeth Pennywight was mad. A trifle eccentric perhaps but not actually mad. Certainly I never saw him foaming at the mouth and there are few reliable reports of him biting people. Well he once bit a purveyor of literary criticism but frankly that hardly counts. Morpeth was an … More Lightly edited.

Cakes and Ale

It has to be confessed that one advantage of the smaller shrines is that they have a more family atmosphere. We might not be able to manage to perform our rites with the split second formality of some of the greater shrines. There you’ll see forty girls perform their steps in perfect time, finishing simultaneously … More Cakes and Ale

Obscure fertility rites

It has to be admitted that this city has a fair collection of half-forgotten fertility rites. It’s not surprising really, the inhabitants of Port Naain are descended from those who arrived from small villages situated all over the west and north. So as well as the traditional method of ensuring conception, we have many small … More Obscure fertility rites

Seems like a nice girl

I’m sure everybody has seen the painting. Two pretty girls in diaphanous clothing frolicking in the waves whilst one of them is kissed by a young man. Such pictures are always more interesting if you know the story and the people behind them. The charming and distinctly beautiful young lady being kissed is Talkani. The … More Seems like a nice girl