Just one more dance

I was always told, by somebody older and wiser than me, that a grey hair you spot when shaving is to remind you of an old friend you no longer see. Certainly this morning I remembered, for no obvious reason, Jan Wandad. He was old when I knew him. A poet and philosopher who in … More Just one more dance

Tribute paid to virtue

I once asked young mistress Mona Quinrohan how she came to write as she did, and I felt her explanation was worth recording. Whilst her father was adequately remunerated, she had sought employment. Her father regarded this with favour and suggested that rather than asking her to contribute to the family income from her wages, … More Tribute paid to virtue

Three sisters

It was Estini Clogwain who got me involved in this mad quest. She was a charming young woman, she made gloves, bespoke, for private clients. I would occasionally see her when in the presence of a common patron. By unspoken agreement I always made a point of commenting favourable about her gloves to anybody who … More Three sisters

The bait digger

It often surprises me how people manage to make a living in this city. Take, for example, Esmielle Parthong. She sells bait, both bait-balls and worms. The bait balls she makes herself. She uses a little old bread that she gets from a bakery for the cost of taking it away. This she moistens with … More The bait digger

Remarkably sharp

One or two of my patrons are ladies who are quite handy with a cutting remark. Perhaps I should rephrase this. I suppose most of my patrons are adept in this field, but some have, through long practice, mastered the art. But every so often one comes across somebody who can be cutting and witty. … More Remarkably sharp

Only the truth?

I hold up Bassat Larn as an example of the sort of problems that can befall an honest man. Now Bassat wasn’t merely honourable, he simply couldn’t lie. In any situation he would merely tell the truth as he saw it. There was nothing vindictive in this, it was just the way he was. Now … More Only the truth?

Not really a living

Some people will drift into the family business and have no aptitude for it. This can lead to the saddening sight of a person drifting through their existence, living a life that isn’t really their own. On the other hand some can be perfectly suited to the trade they have inherited but still cannot make … More Not really a living