Cleaning up

Sandi the Broom is a sweeper. According to Mutt, who I suspect may be considered definitive in these matters, she was the first. As far as I can make out, she abandoned what had been her home and at the age of about six or seven took to the streets to fend for herself. At … More Cleaning up

A gaol break

I never bumped into Orwan Bullip every decade. But Orwan and I went back a long way. If we’d come from a better background you’d have said we went to school together. In reality we had been schooled together, but we’d learned our harsh lessons as children on the streets of Port Naain. Even then … More A gaol break

A free lunch

I’ve mentioned before that the ‘Society of Minor Poets’ try to provide free meals for the young, the old and the indigent. It’s not just the feeding people that is important, it’s a chance for them to sit somewhere warm. It gives them a place where they can just talk and even, occasionally, be entertained. … More A free lunch