Theologically inexact explanations of osculation

To be fair to Maljie, it had been a hard day. It wasn’t that she was hewing wood and digging ditches, but still, just being nice to people can be hard work at times. It started with a craft fair. The Shrine of Aea in Her Aspect as the Personification of Tempered Enthusiasm runs a … More Theologically inexact explanations of osculation

A life in trade

There is a lot to be said for a life in trade, it can be one of comfortable prosperity allowing the merchant in question considerable disposable income from which he or she can fund the finest of all arts, poetry. One such merchant was Yondal Halthorn. He started as a butcher’s boy and rose to … More A life in trade

Just a note

I defy anybody to say anything unkind about Mistress Jasmi. I remember one man frantically cramming small valuable possessions into a saddlebag as he prepared to flee south into Partann and all he said was, “It’s that damned notebook.”Mistress Jasmi is what is sometimes known as ‘an army brat.’ Her father was a man-at-arms in … More Just a note