Of course it’s your fault

The one of the unfortunate things about being a sub-hierodeacon is that you’re the obvious person to blame when things go wrong. Obviously it wasn’t the fault of the incumbent, and who in their right mind attempts to blame a temple warden? Still Laxey had given a lot of thought to the problems that might … More Of course it’s your fault

Just Good Friends

Walgrim Towe was a clerk in a large usurer’s office. He was, in spite of his unprepossessing appearance, a happily married man, husband of a wife he adored, and father of five delightful children. His one foible was that he liked to sit, drink one glass of aniseed flavoured spirit (and not a large glass) … More Just Good Friends

Holier than thou?

It isn’t easy being a temple warden. There are so many competing demands for your time. Thus when left to our own devices, we can be brisk. Extremely brisk. So brisk that I have noticed that the hierarchy of the various orders grow nervous if temple wardens are left to their own devices without an … More Holier than thou?