I confess that there are times when I am called upon to assist friends in tasks that really don’t require a poet. Such is life. Still one girds one’s loins and gets on with the task in hand. Such was the case when Lancet Foredecks asked if I would assist him with his scheme to … More Mud

Getting round to it

There is an interesting phenomena that I have observed over the years. It is the inability of mothers (mainly) to accept that their offspring have grown up. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man, whatever his age, is still aged about eleven in the eyes of his mother. If he has married, this … More Getting round to it

The Primrose Path

It has to be said that normally a story with this title would be illustrated by pictures of young ladies of remarkable pulchritude and comparatively little clothing. Indeed, forgive me my cynicism, but I have noticed that the number of people reading seems to increase in inverse proportion to the amount of clothing worn by … More The Primrose Path