Black Gold

The front of the Shrine of Aea in her Aspect as the Personification of Tempered Enthusiasm is so modest it’s almost self-effacing. It refuses to dominate Exegesis Square. To be fair it’s not the most elegant facade. We haven’t got a portico, never mind an entrance pylon. There again, Maljie has always extolled ‘clean lines’ … More Black Gold

Well it’s a plan

I was going to start this by saying that there are two types of librarians. Mind you, last time I said that we ended up with a brawl. Somebody immediately leapt up and shouted that there were are least four types, male, female, shy, and intimidating. Another listener told him he was an idiot. He … More Well it’s a plan

A mountain to climb

People do ask me how one becomes a temple warden. It is at times like this that I put on my most learned expression and hint that it involves not merely moral excellence but also deep theological insights and the achievement of a higher spiritual level of existence. In all candour this is not entirely … More A mountain to climb

Quiet into the night

Quiet into the night The winter solstice is a major festival, a coming together for festivity, gift giving, over-eating, and in some cases, drinking more than is entirely wise. So children give presents to their parents. Normally husband and wife give each other presents as working out who is the head of the household can … More Quiet into the night