The risks of Hedging

The city of Port Naain may at times present a visage formed of endless grim, smoke encrusted, streets but this is a façade. A ‘front’ presented to the sea so that visitors are not tempted to stop for long. The Partannese go home and tell their families, dupes, and co-conspirators what a dour and dreadful … More The risks of Hedging

The Human Condition

I suppose one can become jaded, but frankly I find watching people ensures that I am never bored. Irritated perhaps. But still, never bored.I was sitting watching the sun rise over Exegesis Square. This is something I find myself doing more than I would like but you know what it’s like. A patron summons you … More The Human Condition

Cleaning windows

I confess that I have never had a professional relationship with a window cleaner. This isn’t a matter of policy but of pure chance. After all, I live in a barge. Our windows, portholes or whatever, are all at a sensible height. I can clean them all in less than half an hour. Similarly window … More Cleaning windows