Tread carefully

When I mentioned Thaddan previously I hadn’t thought to follow his career further. For those who have never met him, he is a handsome young man-at-arms in the service of Lord Cartin. He was also blessed by having a much younger sister, Sofina. Now thanks to Sofina’s careful work, Thaddan stood higher in the estimation … More Tread carefully

Life on the beach

I have written previously about the Rattlestone Sisters of Philanthropy. But perhaps I ought to delve more deeply into the impact they inadvertently had on Rattlestone. This collection of perfectly sensible and modestly well-to-do ladies effectively recreated Rattlestone. But not necessarily as they would have hoped to. One of the early impacts was on the … More Life on the beach

A wretched hive of scum and villainy during the summer season

A wretched hive of scum and villainy during the summer season. I don’t know how well you know the coast south of Port Naain? I don’t mean Saskadil and Roskadil which are in all but name large suburbs of the city. If it were not for the fact that they are separated from us by … More A wretched hive of scum and villainy during the summer season

A minor incident

Rumour insists that Maljie has a chequered history when it comes to vehicles. Currently she doesn’t command sole use of a sedan chair, but then few do. The bearers take a lot of feeding. Her sister, Margarita, travels at a fair pace in the dog cart but for longer journeys you need something more robust. … More A minor incident

On the fiddle

Jiggy was only ever known as Jiggy. Obviously I cannot vouch for the fact that he was never, in his youth, known as ‘Young Jiggy’ because that is well before my time. But in his old age he was never ‘Old Jiggy’, there was no other Jiggy. Now Jiggy played the fiddle. Admittedly the only … More On the fiddle

Well it’s a trade

There are all sorts of trades, some better thought of than others. Take jewellers for example, highly skilled and respectable. Except of course for the ones who aren’t. It was Mythrin Calpon who made the less respectable part of the trade her own.She never really served her time as such, but she worked for old … More Well it’s a trade