The festival

Oh the joy of the literary festival. Frankly I avoid them like the plague. They tend to involve patrons who should know better demanding that ‘their’ poet entertain their friends in a wet tent. Not only that but everybody is so cold and damp that they stare blankly at you, clasping their wine glass to … More The festival

A fine vintage

Normally it’s Shena that gets me caught up in other peoples’ problems.  Or, to be more precise, it’s her friends who bring me trouble. In this case however, I lay the entire blame at Mutt’s door. Thinking about it, Mutt’s door is actually ours, so I suspect I’ll get the blame anyway. Still, I was … More A fine vintage

Tales better not told.

I have mentioned previously that our niece, Grisla, lived with us for a number of years. Her mother, Shalla, is Shena’s younger sister and in my humble opinion has the ability to fall pregnant should her husband comment favourably about her cooking. Shena and I paid for Grisla to attend Dame Ralash’s school for ‘young … More Tales better not told.

Grim and Dark

You know how it is when friends and fellow professionals get together over a few glasses of wine and start discussing our work. Not the everyday toil of keeping patrons happy and ensuring that you’ve always got some casually extemporised verse ready prepared; but the deeper matters of what is written and how genres merge … More Grim and Dark