Look away now?

  When Benor Dorfinngil made his way back to the barge he might even have admitted to a sense of smug self-satisfaction. He still had a little of the cash earned from his map making work jingling in his purse. Added to this he had escorted the enchanting Ella Branwit half way across Partann. Finally … More Look away now?

The ‘A licence to print money’ blog tour

A measured response  Episode 1 As a young cartographer, Benor Dorfinngil knew he would have to travel. On the long road that had at length carried him from Toelar to Port Naain, he had braved atrocious weather conditions, serious mining accidents, anthropophagous beastmen, irate husbands and outraged fathers. All this he had taken in his … More The ‘A licence to print money’ blog tour