The Daughters of Joy

Many of my colleagues are prone to being a touch sanctimonious. “We are Artists”, they say, contriving somehow to give the word artists a capital ‘A’ and hinting that it should be written in italic as well. Me, I just write poetry and endeavour to make a living so doing. I remember one evening I … More The Daughters of Joy

The Invigilator

I’ve always felt that it is important to encourage the young, to drive young minds to grapple with the eternal verities which dominate the world of the arts. I learned my lessons young and am eternally grateful for the education I received from so many masters in the past. It was they who taught me … More The Invigilator

A tough audience

  In my mind, part of being a poet is in the performance. I know that there are technically excellent poets who write fine verse who never venture from their garrets. But I feel that to get your work known you have to perform it. So I feel that a poet ought to be willing … More A tough audience

Greetings from Tallis

I have been asked to write, but as usual the compensation lies almost entirely in the haltingly expressed gratitude of the reader. Apparently it is now expected that a poet should not merely create the work but should then proceed to promote it. Somehow this feels wrong. One does not wrestle with one’s muse merely … More Greetings from Tallis