The Arcade Market in the Commercial district is not the most prestigious of the markets in Port Naain. One will not find the truly exotic, but there again one will not find the grossly overpriced either. It provides decent quality produce. The price is higher than I would expect to pay, but if one uses … More Vegetating

Mother mine

It has to be said that as a gentleman who works with many ladies of mature years, I have discovered more than I really want to know about the relationship a woman has with her mother. Some of these relationships are good. As daughter grows older she comes to recognise the mother for the wise … More Mother mine


Salina Toldeck was, to be honest, an incurable romantic. It wasn’t merely that she read those slim volumes of romance where love finds a way and the story ends tactfully at the bedroom door, she even wrote them. Now please don’t think I’m mocking another genre. Whilst I may hold strong opinions on the subject … More Matchmaker

Love letters

Perla and Mayla were sisters. Born a year apart, they were the daughters of Tilford Wheelboom, a man of some means. They tended to divide their time between Port Naain, where the family lived in a delightful house in Dilbrook, and their summer villa on the coast south of the Estuary. They were, to put … More Love letters

Learning a role!

It is always wise to be cautious when dealing with the theatrical profession, especially if it you find yourself involved with agents or impresarios. I find that compared to them, even poets become persons of solid worth and unshakeable integrity. As a cautionary tale I shall relate the story of Elsa and Mattan. They were … More Learning a role!