Sleeping the sleep of the just

As I look back I have done some strange things in my time but I feel that the haunting of Tildus Thallawell must be one of the strangest. In my defence I must insist it was not entirely my idea. Indeed Miser Mumster was the guiding light who conceived of the whole enterprise. At the … More Sleeping the sleep of the just

Picture his troubles

Some people are remarkably gifted. They are born with immense talent that just bubbles up out of them, and they merely have to use it to see constant improvement. There aren’t many of those people. Aside from myself I can think of perhaps two poets, a number of musicians and several painters. Obviously there are … More Picture his troubles

Milk maids?

I am constantly reminded that it pays to project a wholesome image. I was with Shena, my lady wife, at an event held to inform and encourage writers. If memory serves, Saon Keeber had organised it, and to be fair to him, had largely funded it. I think he’d convinced the Port Naain University that … More Milk maids?