Cleaning up.

Our shrine is unusual in many ways, one is that we have so mendicants. In our case we have an excuse. We provide them with ‘employment’ in that they keep the Sinecurists’ Grand Stair not merely clean but polished. This is all well and good, the Grand Stair is a credit to the city, but … More Cleaning up.

Visits from on high

You know what it’s like, just when you think things are difficult, somebody in high authority finds a new and exciting way to make them worse. I mentioned that one year we had a worse than usual summer plague in Port Naain. I suppose that there’s one every year, but they rarely escape from the … More Visits from on high

Quantum theology

It has to be said that at the Shrine of Aea in her Aspect as the Personification of Tempered Enthusiasm, our congregation is not burdened with excess wealth. Thus whilst it is Maljie’s duty as temple warden, at every service, to pass amongst them with a collection plate, in case somebody has the urge to … More Quantum theology

Dressing appropriately

Some people are notorious for their ability to enjoy ill health. They revel in it. They take to their beds with alacrity and when the inevitable stream of visitors arrive bearing fruit or delicacies for the invalid, they are met by the patient coughing pathetically, but still managing to smile faintly in an ‘oh so … More Dressing appropriately