The Novels set in the Land of the Three Seas

There are four novels set in the Land of the Three Seas. All are ‘free standing’ but the first two feature Benor Dorfinngil, cartographer at large.

Enjoy the quiet life of a middle aged cartographer. Well it was quiet until somebody finds the naked body of a young woman hastily buried in a marsh. The journey to discover her identity and hunt down her killer leads our protagonists across the Land of the Three Seas, through ambush, civil strife and even light opera.

Once more we visit the ‘Land of the Three Seas,’ where the unintended theft of a tyrant’s concubine, followed by the inadvertent acquisition of a wife, leads to revenge, the fall of dynasties and over-exposure to the world of high fashion. Such are the adventures of Benor Dorfinngil.

Set in the same ‘Land of the Three Seas’ as Jim Webster’s other books, ‘The Flames of the City’ is the story of a desperate campaign to hold back the forces of barbarism. We follow a young man named Freelor as he takes on a job to cover a winter when he’s unable to get home, where he is due to marry. Somehow he gets involved with marching armies, pitched battles, bitter fighting, the fall of cities and the death of a god. Involves full orchestration and a rather pretty girl, considered the finest hurdy-gurdy player of her generation.

When the Urlan knight, Dengan, was killed for the belt he wore his death was swiftly avenged. But some years later his son, Trulor Dengankin tries to discover the secret of the belt. This leads him to attempt to finish the task that cost his father his life. In solving the mystery he has to face such perils of war, savage beastmen, lawyers, and young ladies wishing to purchase ribbon.