A further exploration of the problems caused by patrons by Tallis Steelyard

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
I confess that I have, over the years, come to the conclusion that some patrons, quite frankly, don’t take their responsibilities seriously. Indeed there are times when I feel that I have been taken advantage of and my good nature presumed upon. Again I wish to be…

A lady in Red?

    It’s many years ago now, far too many years ago. I was young, single and fancy free. There are times when it all seems so long ago I feel that I might be recalling somebody else’s life. And yet my life had come to a fork in the road. I knew I was … More A lady in Red?

The book review

There are times in a person’s life which combine pride and mild distaste. One example might be when your toddler makes their uncertain way toward you, displaying the potty that they have managed to fill without external prompting. There is the pride in their growing maturity, the hope that baring minor accidents a page has … More The book review