A Magic all of its own.

Just to comment, with becoming modesty, that since publication this story has won an award. A not inconsiderable achievement for a story featuring a story featuring haemorrhoid cream   so now, back to our tale   I remember chatting to old Varsung Baldwig. Given he was, in some way, a mage; I asked why there were … More A Magic all of its own.

Looking the part.

As I walk the streets of Port Naain, it strikes me how people try and look the part. Setting aside the mercenary horseman cantering by, you have the butcher with his blood spattered apron. You have the professional mourner with his dark clothing and his hair artistically disarranged. Then there is the dunnykin diver over … More Looking the part.

Guest Post – The Foolishness of Love, by Jim Webster.

  The foolishness of love. Have you noticed how there are some men who seem to be fated to be a sad disappointment to their wives yet if they behaved as their wife seems to demand, then they’d end up divorced in short order? It was the intriguing story of Caster Jessip which reminded me … More Guest Post – The Foolishness of Love, by Jim Webster.

The Gnome

I love these stories from Tallis Steelyard and the amazingly beautiful paintings that always accompany them. This story, , is the second story in this collection of stories about the art exhibition Tallis and his friends create for their friend, the artist Andeal Willnoton Quillabin. Who, in their opinion, was not as well regarded as … More The Gnome

Chicken Legs

  We return to a culinary theme with this picture that our artist painted of Blinia Crole. The picture is from Blinia’s own collection and is displayed with grateful thanks to her. Andeal chose to paint her seated in her old home working as she always had. Blinia drifted into being a cook, but was … More Chicken Legs

9) The Catacombs

Guest Writer Spot Posted on April 13, 2018by Esther Chilton This week, my Guest Writer is Jim Webster who is currently on a blog tour. As he says, “The theme for this one is ‘Pictures from an Exhibition’ where a friend of Tallis, who is an artist, has painted eleven pictures and to help out, Tallis is taking people round them … More 9) The Catacombs

Tallis Steelyard: Pictures From an Exhibition Blog Tour – The Market

(Today our tour takes us to the blog of Judy E Matin, so click on the link at the bottom to go across there and have a look round) Something entirely different from me today. I am extremely thrilled and delighted to be a part of Tallis Steelyard’s blog tour am proud to be hosting … More Tallis Steelyard: Pictures From an Exhibition Blog Tour – The Market