Just Good Friends

Walgrim Towe was a clerk in a large usurer’s office. He was, in spite of his unprepossessing appearance, a happily married man, husband of a wife he adored, and father of five delightful children. His one foible was that he liked to sit, drink one glass of aniseed flavoured spirit (and not a large glass) … More Just Good Friends

Holier than thou?

It isn’t easy being a temple warden. There are so many competing demands for your time. Thus when left to our own devices, we can be brisk. Extremely brisk. So brisk that I have noticed that the hierarchy of the various orders grow nervous if temple wardens are left to their own devices without an … More Holier than thou?

Three is company?

Obviously I wasn’t present when this happened. To be fair, I had made very certain that I wasn’t present. It is just that I felt that I had already done more than could be reasonably expected of me when I arranged for a baby (plus a nurse) to be delivered to Margarita, Maljie’s sister. Only … More Three is company?


As a temple warden I get to listen to a lot of sermons. Unkind individuals have been known to comment that I, in point of fact, sleep through a lot of sermons but I would dispute this. If I have the ability to enter into a state of higher spiritual awareness, untroubled by the clutter … More Hope

A life in trade

There is a lot to be said for a life in trade, it can be one of comfortable prosperity allowing the merchant in question considerable disposable income from which he or she can fund the finest of all arts, poetry. One such merchant was Yondal Halthorn. He started as a butcher’s boy and rose to … More A life in trade