It has to be said that one of my more regular tasks is the entertaining of convalescents. After all, when you think about it, whereas a lady is normally busy, with many tasks and obligations, when illness claims her, she has to lay all that by. But then, if she is wise, even when she … More Convalescence.

A modest proposal

Garstang Shearwater was a freelance. By this I mean that whilst he was a man-at-arms, he wasn’t under contract to any of the great condottieri. He owned his own horse and arms, and signed his own contract with an employer. To be honest there aren’t many genuine freelances. A lot are actually jobbing brigands who … More A modest proposal

Protagonist in the Hotseat of Truth – Tallis Steelyard

Welcome to the Hotseat of Truth, a device in which a protagonist is trapped. The only way to escape is to answer five searching questions completely honestly or the Hotseat will consume them to ashes! Today’s victim is Tallis Steelyard, the creation of Jim Webster. Tallis is the leading poet of his generation. Married to Shena, he lives … More Protagonist in the Hotseat of Truth – Tallis Steelyard

The anchorite

It has to be admitted that illness had laid Maljie low. It finally forced her to admit that not only was she no longer eighteen, it was most unlikely that she would see thirty-five again. In all candour this rather irritated her. After all, she felt that for a young woman of her age, she … More The anchorite

The Port Naain gentlemen’s naked swimming society.

To be fair, the gentlemen of this society have never referred to it by this name. Initially I think they were called the Dilettantes, until somebody pointed out the full meaning of the term. They were then called the Silvan Connoisseurs. Again there was a hiatus in their nomenclature when it was pointed out to … More The Port Naain gentlemen’s naked swimming society.

The Port Naain ladies’ naked swimming society.

The formation of the Port Naain ladies’ naked swimming society was not attended with any real controversy. Admittedly there was some discussion about the apostrophe, and one group of ladies preferred the term ‘undraped,’ feeling it was a little more reserved. The discussion was widened as the ladies discussed the terms, ‘nude’, disrobed,’ and ‘stark … More The Port Naain ladies’ naked swimming society.

How ill?

I feel that it ill-becomes a chap to take advantage of another person’s illness, but sometimes you just have to stand back and admit that you have witnessed true genius at work. One truly unsurpassed example of this I came upon during Maljie’s illness. I was in the area and wondered about dropping in to … More How ill?