It just seems to be just one of those things, but most of my patrons are ladies. I do have male patrons, but far fewer. When the patron is a married lady, I’ve noticed that her husband will feel entitled to call upon my services and I have always felt that this is a reasonable … More Perseverance


Charity Mealwrath was described to me as a lady of uncertain temperament. I rather ‘pricked my ears up’ at this. I’ve met such ladies. One minute they are presenting a demure facade to the world, the next they are drinking wine out of tankards and singing songs they learned when their mother left them in … More Ennui

Waste not, want not

I suppose it started with the bells. Obviously in the case of the bells you could blame it on the tower captain, because when it comes to bells, it’s always their fault. But let us be honest here, Maljie is fond of bells. Admittedly this is a hitherto unexpected weakness that nobody has found a … More Waste not, want not

The risks of Hedging

The city of Port Naain may at times present a visage formed of endless grim, smoke encrusted, streets but this is a façade. A ‘front’ presented to the sea so that visitors are not tempted to stop for long. The Partannese go home and tell their families, dupes, and co-conspirators what a dour and dreadful … More The risks of Hedging