Ancestral Chants

  I bumped into Tark on Pettifogger’s Gill, he was sitting under a tree, eating a midday meal of bread and cheese, and so I joined him and added a meat pie to our common table. I had last seen him when a financial syndicate decided to open up the Aphices Vales to tourism. I’m … More Ancestral Chants

The street scene

It has to be admitted that there are streets where one has to watch every direction at once lest somebody pick that particular moment to cast out of an upstairs window the contents of a chamber pot, the results of an unsuccessful culinary experiment, or a faithless spouse. There are other streets where you run … More The street scene

Poet in Residence

There are two main schools of thought about debt and debtors’ prisons. The first holds, not unreasonably, that if a chap is locked up in prison, how on earth can he earn the money he needs to pay you back? The other school is equally reasonable. If when he was at liberty he made no … More Poet in Residence

Friday Friends

Originally posted on Working Title Blogspot:
Today we welcome Jim Webster and Tallis Steelyard. Preparing the ground The Ropewalk market is busy on market day. There are always too many stallholders, and the narrow passages between them swarm with people. It has been suggested that you need not worry about pickpockets; the crowds are too…

The candidates

There are some interesting posts in Port Naain that would suit the right applicant. One of these is the role of Priest of the Temple of Aea in her Aspect as the Healer. Because the Temple is the personal property of the priest, the appointment is never made, and for the last three centuries a … More The candidates