Grubscrew reborn.

Tyloran I’ve known for many years. His status has always been dubious. He was a travelling tinker, but that left many of his skills unsung. He was a ‘camp follower’ in that for a lot of this time he followed in the train of one or the other of the great Condottieri captains from Port … More Grubscrew reborn.

Showing a leg

I love the way that a community will gather round to help when somebody needs support. Thus, when Maljie started experiencing problems with her knee, she was never short of advice and even practical assistance. Certainly there was a general feeling that she ought to have it looked at. Indeed we went so far as … More Showing a leg

Using your loaf

It has to be said, I’ve never really become accustomed to the luxury of fresh bread made only from wheat. It’s not that Shena and I don’t eat bread, but I suspect most comes from my patrons. Or rather from their cooks who will slip me the last third of a loaf with the comment, … More Using your loaf

A candle

A group of us were sitting in the Misanthropes, sharing a bottle, pondering nothing much and talking in a desultory manner about verse. It was then that Dallin Ergold came in. He sat at the table and was told off sternly for not arriving with a bottle. He gestured to the bar and one was … More A candle

Please sit still.

I confess I’ve always taken pleasure in fine paintings. Given that I cannot draw to save my life, and have never had any skill in that direction, I suppose I can contemplate the work of the artist without jealousy. Or at least I am equally jealous of all accomplished painters, so I contend that this … More Please sit still.