A horse, a horse

People may find it strange that I, as a poet, am about to write about becoming wealthy. After all, I can imagine people sneering and making comments along the lines of, “What would a poet know of honest toil and commercial gain?” This merely shows how short-sighted and ignorant they are. I am a poet! … More A horse, a horse

Come to grief.

It was perhaps ten years ago now. I can remember Ansi Cornwallah working on Stonecutter Wharf. He was a nice young fellow, originally from somewhere near Prae Ducis in Partann. He’d lived in Port Naain for about a decade. He’d fitted in well and felt at home here. Indeed he had married a local girl … More Come to grief.

Looking the part.

As I walk the streets of Port Naain, it strikes me how people try and look the part. Setting aside the mercenary horseman cantering by, you have the butcher with his blood spattered apron. You have the professional mourner with his dark clothing and his hair artistically disarranged. Then there is the dunnykin diver over … More Looking the part.

Guest Post – The Foolishness of Love, by Jim Webster.

  The foolishness of love. Have you noticed how there are some men who seem to be fated to be a sad disappointment to their wives yet if they behaved as their wife seems to demand, then they’d end up divorced in short order? It was the intriguing story of Caster Jessip which reminded me … More Guest Post – The Foolishness of Love, by Jim Webster.

The Gnome

I love these stories from Tallis Steelyard and the amazingly beautiful paintings that always accompany them. This story, , is the second story in this collection of stories about the art exhibition Tallis and his friends create for their friend, the artist Andeal Willnoton Quillabin. Who, in their opinion, was not as well regarded as … More The Gnome