One for the birds

This tale was recounted to me by somebody who knew Maljie in her early years. Such people are few and far between nowadays and tend not to wax garrulous on her past. Still, it is possible, in the right conditions, to elicit stories worthy of recording. Ballinforth Wheelturner was a few weeks younger than Maljie … More One for the birds

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, although you probably shouldn’t.

To be fair, in retrospect it is almost certainly all the fault of the Grand Archdeacon, (Acting) (Temporary). After all he was the one who led the official visitation. This is the sort of nerve-racking event which puts temple wardens on their mettle and has incumbents spending the week at one of the nicer retreat … More Put that in your pipe and smoke it, although you probably shouldn’t.

An ode to outrage

I was talking to Laxey, the sub-Hierodeacon and he mentioned the sad case of the Theological Envoy. The role, of modest importance within the various temples and shrines, is normally taken by one who thrusts themselves forward to take on the task. The individual so chosen may, if they wish, travel from one holy place … More An ode to outrage

Ship your oars

There are those who claim, not unreasonably, that usurers and those in their employ are persons sunk deep in perpetual misery. Indeed I confess there are times when I wonder if they are not trapped in a world of piles and perpetual constipation. Yet do not let appearances deceive you. I assure you that on … More Ship your oars

Getting the bird

The duties of a temple warden are effectively without limit. The list of jobs that need doing seems to stretch as far as the imagination of an archimandrite can reach. But one of the main duties is ensuring that the building remains clean. Now obviously this can be easily achieved. A simple task to issue … More Getting the bird

Feeding the fishes

It has to be said that I never heard this tale of Maljie’s past from the lady in person. This one I had from Laxey, the sub-Hierodeacon. It has to be confessed that like Temple Wardens, the various levels of the hierodeaconate are chosen not for their overwhelming spirituality, but because they are useful when … More Feeding the fishes