A future in cheese

There has always been considerable enthusiasm for peering into the future, and some unscrupulous individuals have made a good living from doing so. Normally they make their money by cozening their dupes into handing over large sums on the strength of predictions of doubtful exactitude. Indeed if the prophecy is carefully worded, virtually any outcome … More A future in cheese


There are few arguments that can rumble on longer than arguments within family. The Clannalds are perhaps a good example of this. Old Topper Clannald was a gentleman. He had a large estate on the south side of the Paraeba Estuary across from Port Naain. He was well to the west of the Port Naain … More Family

The Bells!

I have mentioned before that here at the Shrine of Aea in her Aspect as the Personification of Tempered Enthusiasm we have had trouble with bell ringers. Once you are known to have bells, bell ringers will descend on you from all over the place, desperate to play a ‘new peal’. If you are not … More The Bells!

Quiet and restrained

Had I not been there I might not have believed it, but I was there so I do. Maljie, sounding entirely sensible, commented that now some of the better grocers and provisions merchants were delivering into her part of the city, it no longer made sense to go into the market to do one’s own … More Quiet and restrained