Guest author: Jim Webster – Tallis Steelyard on Etiquette

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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It must be confessed that as a Poet I have to accept that I am not regarded as entirely a gentleman. I don’t think it specifically states this in any of the many books of etiquette with which Port Naain is blessed, but it seems to be a generally accepted rule.

This has its positive side. If I were a gentleman I would have to wait to be introduced to a lady, but because I am Tallis Steelyard, Poet, I may merely walk across and introduce myself. Obviously this is a privilege I do not wish to abuse, but it is very convenient when at some function I see a lady looking a trifle bored. Whereas a gentleman would look round anxiously for his hostess or some mutual friend to perform an introduction, I may merely introduce myself. Never let it be forgotten, a bored lady who discovers in you…

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