Of Kings and Kindness

And the third part of the story

ADD . . . and-so-much-more

A Tallis Steelyard Tale
Written especially for us by a popular & prolific author

© Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
Story: © Jim Webster, all rights reserved

Mental Health and Fantasy?

In a blog conversation about his newest Tallis Steelyard tales, The Monster of Bell-Wether Gardens and other stories, author Jim Webster disclosed that he was about to launch a blog tour, sharing stories from and about his protagonist, Tallis Steelyard.

I commented that if he had anything mental health related I’d be happy to participate.

His response was, “I was wondering if anybody else had ever introduced mental health issues into Fantasy Comedy of Manners!”

Quick as a flash, he penned the story that debuts below!
I am honored to be able to host it here.

A little background

This episode picks up our hero following his previous adventure, which those of you who…

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4 thoughts on “Of Kings and Kindness

  1. I took yesterday essentially OFF, Jim, and am playing catch-up today, so forgive my tardiness for getting over here to leave a comment saying thanks for the reblog. As you are already aware, your story has already gotten quite a bit of positive feedback. Many folks were touched – especially those whose lives have been impacted by dementia in a loved one.

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    1. I’ve been genuinely touched by the reaction, and just glad to have been involved in the process. It’s the sort of thing where sometimes we can do more good than we realise by just letting people see things in a different setting

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  2. Stevie Turner is doing a short-story link/contest thing – early responders only. I’m in the process of posting “Part-3” from my site to her InLinkz dealiebob – but she wants me to make SURE that is okay with you. Duh! 🙂

    So now that you know, the rules have been followed. Silence means assent – lol.

    ====> Seriously, if for some reason you do NOT want me to do so, leave a quick comment under the post on MY site (so I’ll see it immediately). I’ll stay my “submit” finger for an hour or so.


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